March 26, 2023

Best New Credit Cards of June 2021

Why Should You Consider New Credit Cards?

New credit cards offer fresh ways to pay for products and services. You may get the latest card features and special bonuses that exceed typical offers.

A new card might have an ultracompetitive sign-up bonus that beats similar cards. But the offer may be limited to the card’s launch.

You may be surprised to learn that some new credit cards are not brand-new. They are simply older cards relaunched with new features, such as a swap of travel insurance for a travel credit that more cardholders might use.

What Are the Drawbacks of New Credit Cards?

New credit cards aren’t proven winners, and you can’t easily find out how users like a card if you’re among the first to get one. You could compare card features if you can identify similar credit cards.

And those competitive offers? They may not last long. If you’re interested in a great bonus or introductory annual percentage rate, you might need to sign up for a card quickly.

Take the time to research a card and compare it with what you might get from a different credit card.

How Can You Compare New Credit Card Offers?

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, you will need to ignore any buzz about new cards. That includes hype about limited-time bonuses. Instead, pick the right card for your needs, and consider a bonus an extra benefit.

Whether or not a card is new, think about its long-term value before you apply. Look at important factors, including:

  • Issuer reputation
  • Rewards you could earn and redeem
  • Annual and other fees
  • APR, including introductory offers
  • Sign-up bonus value
  • Cardholder benefits

Ask yourself whether rewards and benefits outweigh any annual fee and whether the rewards work for what you typically purchase or redeem. Think about whether you really need one more credit card.

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