May 30, 2023
Biden’s ‘fancy’ lobster state dinner slammed by both sides: ‘Tone deaf’

Biden’s ‘fancy’ lobster state dinner slammed by both sides: ‘Tone deaf’

An extravagant entree at President Biden’s first state dinner is in bad taste, according to people on both sides of the political aisle.

Rep. Jared Golden, a Maine Democrat, criticized the Biden administration after CNN reported the White House ordered 200 lobsters for Thursday’s event recognizing the United States’ alliance with France.

“If the Biden White House can prioritize purchasing 200 Maine lobsters for a fancy dinner, @POTUS should also take the time to meet with the Maine lobstermen his administration is currently regulating out of business,” Golden tweeted Thursday.

First Lady Jill Biden and White House Social Secretary Carlos Elizondo look on during a media preview ahead of the State Dinner in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron, Nov. 30, 2022.

The tweet marked Golden’s latest criticism of Biden. In October, the congressman sent a letter urging the President to reject a proposed whale conservation effort that he argues could “destroy thousands of livelihoods” in the lobster and fishing industries.

The lobster dinner also drew criticism from commentators on the Fox News talk show “Outnumbered,” with Emily Compagno calling the menu “tone deaf” due to the regulations.

Fellow commentator Lisa Boothe said Biden’s policies are “waged on the working class Americans.”

“They have no problem eating the lobsters,” Boothe said. “They have no problem with their own celebrations.”

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington, D.C., this week for the dinner, where caviar and calotte of beef are also on the menu, according to CNN.

Jon Batiste, a five-time Grammy winner and a former bandleader on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” is set to perform at the dinner.

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