March 26, 2023

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This is a little embarrassing, but I promised myself that being brave would be part of my journey, so here goes: I was on my way home last night, in my Uber XL, and I happened to look out the window. And do you know what I saw? The sunset. And do you know what I realized, in that moment?

Everything right now is going really, really well for me.

When life feels amazing, it’s important to publicly share it with others, to help them. And what can I say? I have my dream job (the hours are insanely flexible). I am engaged to my best friend, and we live in a seven-bedroom apartment with laundry in unit. And, of course, there’s the other love of my life, our Jack Russell terrier, Jack Russell. 🙂 His Instagram account just got a straight-to-series order from HBO Max!

To be honest for a second, though, I haven’t always had the life I have now. I actually didn’t get my dream job in the first few months out of college. And to be super vulnerable for a sec—some of my earlier significant others broke up with me before I could get engaged to them.

But do you know what’s really difficult? Counting your blessings. If you think that talking about gratitude is corny, well, stop reading here!

I want to start by saying that I am so grateful to my friends. Truly, if you don’t have friends who believe in you, I highly recommend getting some. But also? To be honest? Thank you to everyone who didn’t believe in me. Because you guys taught me something, too. Resilience. 🙂

I also want to say that everybody has their down moments—even me. Just the other day, I started sobbing uncontrollably, for no reason, and had to leave my personal-training session early because I was weeping too hard (to work out). So, don’t worry if you’re still sad a lot even when you are finally happy!

If you’re struggling right now, all I have to say is: I. See. You. When you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I am living proof that if you keep travelling down that tunnel, just a little bit farther than you believe you are capable of travelling, you will find a light!

Or it wouldn’t be a tunnel. It’d be a cave.

There is no light at the end of a cave, but you can get out of a cave, too. I have one word for you: “digging.”

God, I feel so brave right now.

My battle is over, but, to be a-hundred-per-cent honest, my journey is just starting. And honestly? Completely honestly? I know there will be more battles to come. That’s what you learn to expect when you’re an Aquarius like me. 🙂

Oh, one more thing—I have to thank my parents. It’s taken a lot of work to forgive them for all their mistakes raising me, but I literally would not be here if it weren’t for them. Also, it was super nice of them to loan me all the money I needed to buy my apartment.

And I write that with complete sincerity.

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