February 5, 2023

The 13 Best Luggage Sets for 2023

Packing for a trip is part of the fun, when you have the right luggage. Part of planning for any adventure is determining the items you’ll need to pack, and what travel bags will work best for your mode of transportation, length of trip and destination specifics.

Why get a luggage set?

Depending on your travel style, while you may not be bothered by having a checked suitcase and a carry-on that don’t match, there is something rather satisfying about having a matching set. Buying a set ensures you have the exact type of bag you need, no matter what kind of trip you are taking. With a luggage set, you will have at least a carry-on (depending on the airline luggage size requirements) and a checked bag to choose from; if you purchase a three-piece set, you’ll likely have varying sizes of checked bags to choose from, so you can be prepared for however long you plan to travel.

While much attention is paid to what items to pack when you go on vacation, determining what bag to pack it all in is just as important. When flying, you have multiple sizes to think about: carry-on, checked bag and a personal item. Getting all of them – or at least two of them – together in one set will make life a lot easier. With the help of dozens of review sites, including Amazon, online retailers, travel industry review sites and more, U.S. News has compiled a list of the best luggage sets for your next trip.

The Best Luggage Sets for Travel

(Note: Prices were accurate at the time of publication; they may fluctuate due to demand and supply chain issues.)

Best Luggage Set Overall

Away Luggage Set in black and white against white background.

(Courtesy of Away)

Away Luggage Set: Create the set you want at Away. You’ll choose either a two- or three-piece set, decide whether you want classic or “flex” (includes a zipper extension) bags, and pick from a variety of colors to make the best set for your needs. You can also opt for a built-in USB charger (for an additional cost). Away bags are lightweight, with interior compression, TSA combination locks, 360-degree wheels and a laundry bag. As a bonus, Away offers free shipping. Travelers who have packed Away’s The Carry-On for a trip are impressed by how much the bag can fit.

Price: $1,340 or less
Shop now: Away

Best Luggage Set for Women

CALPAK Ambeur 3-Piece Luggage Set in rose gold against white background.

(Courtesy of CALPAK)

CALPAK Ambeur 3-Piece Luggage Set: This hard-sided spinner luggage set from CALPAK includes a carry-on size and both medium and large checked suitcases. They are expandable up to 2 inches and feature a built-in TSA-approved lock, interior pockets and an extendable handle. This set is available in rose gold, which will help your luggage stand out from the crowd, as well as a few other colors. Those who have purchased this set love how easily the suitcases roll along the floor thanks to the four 360-degree spinner wheels on each.

Price: $715 or less
Shop now: CALPAK

Best Luggage Set for Men

SwissGear Sion Softside Luggage 3-Piece Set: This three-piece luggage set works perfectly for both business and leisure travel. The set includes a 21-inch carry-on spinner, a 25-inch checked spinner and a 29-inch checked spinner. All bags feature two external pockets, reinforced lift handles, a removable zippered wet pouch and tie-down straps to keep everything secure inside. The 360-degree spinner wheels allow for ultimate maneuverability. Travelers love the durability of this soft-sided set thanks to the side bumpers.

Price: $349.99 or less
Shop now: Amazon

Best Lightweight Luggage Set

Samsonite Omni PC 3-Piece Spinner Set: Luggage that doesn’t weigh you down is key when traveling. This lightweight set from Samsonite is less than 20 pounds for all three spinner suitcases, so you don’t have to worry too much about the added weight of the suitcase when packing. Made out of 100% polycarbonate, this luggage has 360-degree spinner wheels, full-zip interior dividers and side-mounted TSA locks. Users of this luggage love how it is both durable and lightweight – a combination that is hard to come by.

Best Soft-sided Luggage Set

American Tourister Pop Max 3-Piece Set: This three-piece soft-sided set includes a carry-on bag as well as medium and large checked bags in eye-catching colors like purple or teal. Each expandable bag has a push button handle, 360-degree wheels and multiple interior pockets so you can stay organized on any trip. Travelers love how these suitcases can nest inside of one another for easy storage when not in use.

Price: $329.99 or less
Shop now: Amazon

Best Hard-sided Luggage Set

SURFLINE Luggage Set: This hard-shell luggage will quickly become your go-to luggage no matter what kind of trip you are taking, thanks to its durability and lightweight build. Included are a 20-inch carry-on bag and two bags (a 24-inch and a 28-inch) to check in. The hard-sided suitcases are expandable, with 360-degree wheels and molded side legs for stability. Other features include built-in TSA locks on the side and spacious interiors. Owners of this luggage appreciate how lightweight each suitcase is.

Best Luggage Set for Business Travel

Coolife 2-Piece Luggage Set in pink against white background.

(Courtesy of Coolife)

Coolife 2-Piece Luggage Set: When traveling for business, organization and practicality are key, and this two-piece set delivers both. The front of the 20-inch carry-on piece has a computer pocket for safe and easy transport of your laptop (up to 13.3 inches). The interior of both the carry-on and the larger 28-inch bag has several pockets, perfect for storing your toiletry bag and any chargers you need. The suitcases have adjustable handles with ergonomic grip locks, making the bags easy to handle. When you’re not using this set, you can stack the carry-on inside the larger bag for easy storage. Users of this set love all of the pockets that allow for ultimate organization.

Best Smart Luggage Set

Wrangler Smart Luggage 3-Piece Set: It’s hard to know where to begin with this three-piece set from Wrangler. This luggage has the usual features that make a great set: 360-degree spinning wheels, a compression band inside to secure items and the ability to expand. To make these hard-sided suitcases even more desirable, each boasts a USB port (for use with your own power bank and cord), plus a built-in attachment on the back that can hold a cup or even your phone. Travelers love the added bonus of this cup holder. The three-piece luggage set includes a 20-inch carry-on and 24- and 28-inch checked bags. There is also a two-piece set option that includes a 20-inch carry-on and tote.

Price: $200 or less
Shop now: Amazon

Best Splurge Luggage Set

 July Carry-On & Checked Plus Set in light blue against white background.

(Courtesy of July)

July Carry-On & Checked Plus Set: If you are looking for more of an investment piece, this set from July could be worth considering. The set consists of the July Carry On and Checked Plus hard-sided bags. Not only does this luggage have the usual features you look for in a suitcase – sturdy wheels, durability, hidden laundry bags, zip closures with integrated TSA locks and more – but you can also add a photo of your pet or your initials to the outside for a personal touch. Both personalization options cost $100 extra. Users of this set love the included USB battery charger in the carry-on. To select two different colors for your luggage set, add each bag to your cart separately; you’ll still get the bundle discount.

Price: $640 or less
Shop now: July

Best Budget Luggage Set

Rockland Vara Softside 3-Piece Luggage Set: This expandable luggage set has everything you need for your next trip: a carry-on bag, a rolling duffel bag and a suitcase to check in. The suitcases are soft-sided and can expand up to 2 inches. All bags have sturdy in-line wheels, as well as a telescoping handle for easy handling. Buyers of this set appreciate the sturdiness of the suitcases and the vibrant colors the set comes in.

Best Two-Piece Luggage Set

Kenneth Cole 2-Piece Bundle Carry On & Tote: This two-piece set from Kenneth Cole is perfect for anyone who hates checking luggage, as it includes a hard-shell carry-on suitcase and a laptop backpack. The backpack easily slides over the telescoping handle of the suitcase, making navigating the airport easier than ever when your back needs a break. The backpack has a sleeve that fits up to a 15-inch laptop, as well as a padded tablet pocket. The suitcase has several pockets to hold accessories, shoes, a toiletry bag and more. Travelers who have recently purchased this set love the sleek style and and the quality construction of each piece.

Best Luggage Set for Families

Coolife 4-Piece Luggage Set: Pack for the whole family with this set from Coolife, which includes two carry-on-sized and two check-in-sized suitcases. The hard-shell exterior, multidirectional wheels and roomy interior of each bag will make your next family trip a breeze when you use this four-piece luggage set. Families love how easily the wheels move, for smooth maneuvering around the airport.

Best Eye-catching Luggage Set

Dukap Rodez 3-Piece Set: Easily spot your suitcase in baggage claim with this three-piece set from Dukap – available in colors such as bright yellow, light blue, red, purple and rose gold. You’re sure to have heads turning at the airport when you have this vibrant set, consisting of one carry-on and two checked suitcases. Along with the bold colors, these hard-sided bags have a durable and water-resistant shell, a TSA combination lock built in, and four 360-degree wheels. Users of these suitcases appreciate the roomy interior compartments that hold all of their belongings.

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