June 9, 2023
The 13 Best Luggage Tags (That’ll Stand Out at Baggage Claim)

The 13 Best Luggage Tags (That’ll Stand Out at Baggage Claim)

When you’re traveling, there are times you may be away from your bag. Whether it’s going through security, storing your carry-on in the overhead bin or checking a suitcase, it’s important to have your bag marked with your personal information. This way, you can quickly identify that it’s yours when you’re pulling it out of the overhead bin or picking it up at baggage claim. Or, in that unforeseen moment when you get up and leave without grabbing your bag, a secure and noticeable luggage tag can help you reunite with your baggage.

Based on consumer reviews and travel expert insights, U.S. News compiled this list of the best luggage tags for your weekender bag, carry-on luggage or checked suitcase.

The Top Luggage Tags for 2023

(Note: Prices and availability were accurate at the time this article was published; they may fluctuate due to supply chain issues or other factors.)

Best Smart Luggage Tag: Apple AirTag

Front and back of Apple AirTag against white background.

(Courtesy of Apple)

What sets this tag apart: The AirTag can be attached to your suitcase or carry-on bag and synced with an app so you can track it on a map. A secure Bluetooth signal can find the AirTag and give you an exact location. What’s more, the tag’s easily replaceable battery is designed to last more than a year, and it will notify your iPhone when it needs to be changed. There are also luggage tag options with built-in AirTag holders, such as the Rifle Paper Co. AirTag Luggage Tag.

Travelers appreciate: The easy setup and ability to check on their checked luggage throughout their journey – though the device is only compatible with Apple products, which can be a downside for some.

Best Trackable Luggage Tag: Dynotag Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag

What sets this tag apart: Made of steel with a waterproof coating, this durable tag has an internal tracking mechanism that does not require a battery. Each Smart ID tag can be quickly activated and maintained on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – plus, each tag includes lifetime tracking. If the tag gets lost, the finder can simply scan the QR code to notify the owner. With this tag, you can will receive notifications any time the tag is scanned, and you can view the scan history.

Travelers appreciate: The easy setup and registration of the product, as well as the steel ring that connects to the bag. Some reviewers, however, note it is a bit large.

Best Tech-focused Luggage Tag: CALPAK Portable Charger Luggage Tag

CALPAK Portable Charger Luggage Tag in red with phone and charger attached

(Courtesy of CALPAK)

What sets this tag apart: This style lets you combine two travel necessities in one. Available in seven colors, this luggage tag has a built-in compact battery charger. Add your personal details to the insert card and plug your electronic device into the USB port to charge on the go.

Travelers appreciate: The size and shape of the portable charger, as well as the convenience and ability to select a color to coordinate with any carry-on bag.

Price: $32 or less
Shop now: CALPAK

Best Sustainable Luggage Tag: Paravel Luggage Tag

Paravel Luggage Tag in Atlas Tan

(Courtesy of Paravel)

What sets this tag apart: Crafted with recycled vegan leather, this tag is available in tan, black or blue. It has a flap that hides all personal information along with metal hardware. What’s more, you can add a gold or silver foil monogram to make the tag (and your bag) completely yours.

Travelers appreciate: The customization, sustainable material and quality construction, and the way the tag matches other Paravel bags and luggage.

Price: $35 or less
Shop now: Paravel

Best Leather Luggage Tag: TUMI Alpha Luggage Tag – Large

What sets this tag apart: Featuring an elegant dark brown leather construction, this tag is perfectly sized for a business card. Personal details are hidden behind the leather flap, and it can be monogrammed for a personalized touch.

Travelers appreciate: The overall design and quality, with many travelers noting they like the way the tag conceals personal information.

Price: $40 or less
Shop now: TUMI

Best Women’s Luggage Tag: Vera Bradley Luggage Tag

Vera Bradley Luggage Tag with a colorful flower pattern design

(Courtesy of Vera Bradley)

What sets this tag apart: Available in multiple colorful patterns, this tag from Vera Bradley is made with recycled cotton. It has a see-through ID window and attaches to your bag with a cotton loop. This luggage tag is ideal for matching your favorite Vera Bradley pieces, or if you want your tag to make a statement on your bag.

Travelers appreciate: The way the tag stays on their bags, plus the variety of prints and colors to match their luggage.

Best Men’s Luggage Tag: Talonport Metal Luggage Tag

Talonport's silver, bronze and black Metal Luggage Tags

(Courtesy of Talonport)

What sets this tag apart: Constructed from thick-gauge stainless steel that will not bend, this tag is a dependable choice. Each luggage tag includes one leather and one metal strap, along with inserts for your personal information − making it easy to update when you move. What’s more, Talonport tags include a lifetime guarantee and a smart lost-and-found service for free.

Travelers appreciate: The quality construction and durability of the tags, with many owners noting these will be the only luggage tags they need.

Best Statement Luggage Tag: Rifle Paper Co. Luggage Tag

Rifle Paper Co. Luggage Tag in Bon Voyage design

(Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.)

What sets this tag apart: For an option that makes a stylish statement, the Rifle Paper Co. Luggage Tag is available in a travel-inspired “bon voyage” print or a “garden party” floral. The tag conceals personal details and has a window to display just your name. Made of polyurethane with metal hardware, this tag is wipeable for easy cleaning and ideal for travelers who want to accessorize their luggage with a chic tag.

Travelers appreciate: The playful print options that add personal flair to any suitcase, in addition to the design that hides addresses and personal information.

Best Character Luggage Tag: American Tourister Disney Luggage Tag

What sets this tag apart: Constructed from PVC material with an ID insert on the back, this tag is set apart by the adorable Disney design. Choose from classic characters like Mickey and Minnie or a favorite “Star Wars” character to complement your Disney luggage or easily pick out your bag from all the rest.

Travelers appreciate: The eye-catching character designs that make it simple to find their bag on the carousel – and many users of this tag note it is a good size in proportion to their suitcase.

Best Silicone Luggage Tag: Gostwo 5-Pack Silicone Luggage Tags

What sets this tag apart: Made out of durable silicone with a reinforced metal hoop to attach to your luggage, these tags are ideal for families or for travelers with multiple bags. What’s more, they are available in a variety of colors, including orange and sky blue.

Travelers appreciate: The way everything but your name is hidden within the tag design, as well as the bright color options, which help in spotting suitcases at baggage claim.

Price: $14.27 or less
Shop now: Amazon

Best Aluminum Luggage Tag: Ovener Aluminum Luggage Tags – Set of 7

What sets this tag apart: Durable and brightly colored, these luggage tags come in a set of seven and are made of aluminum. The information card is protected by a waterproof PVC card, and the exterior shell conceals your address, phone number and email address. For added protection, the tag attaches to your bag with a stainless steel cable.

Travelers appreciate: The price and quality, with many owners noting the bright colors make it easy to identify suitcases amid all the others on the carousel.

Price: $11.99 or less
Shop now: Amazon

Best Luggage Tag Set: Travelambo 4-Pack Leather Luggage Tags

What sets this tag apart: This set of vegan leather luggage tags is available in a wide range of colors like red or neon green. There’s a privacy flap to protect your personal information while you’re on the go, and the tag attaches to your suitcase with an adjustable vegan leather strap and stainless steel buckle.

Travelers appreciate: The bright color choices that make it easy to quickly find luggage and the style that makes these tags fun to coordinate with any bags.

Price: $14.27 or less
Shop now: Amazon

Best Value Luggage Tag: Samsonite Designer Luggage ID Tag

What sets this tag apart: Designed to fit most business cards, this PVC luggage tag is ideal for travelers wanting to add a little personality to their travel gear. This style attaches to a bag with an elastic strap, so you can easily fasten it to a handle on a tote, backpack or suitcase.

Travelers appreciate: The color and design options, which make their bag stand out in a crowd.

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