August 14, 2022

‘Unprecedented’ Trump documentary trailer reveals new footage from Jan. 6

A new documentary trailer about Donald Trump revealed a new behind-the-scenes peek at the former president and his children and agonizing fresh footage from the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

The 2-1/2 minute teaser for “Unprecedented” intersperses mundane interview clips with the Trump family and disturbing scenes from the violent crowd braying for the blood of enemies in Congress.

The twice impeached president fiddles repeatedly with a side table and a glass of water as the filmmakers struggled to set up an interview shot in the trailer, which was first published by Politico.

His children are no different: Ivanka Trump asks an interview how her dress looks. “Is that OK?” Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, asks as he adjusts his necktie.

There are also a few deadly serious hints at the documentary’s still-to-come revelations about the entire Trump family’s role in the former president’s effort to stay in power.

“For the sake of this country, we’re going to get these guys,” Eric Trump says on the phone in one unexplained clip.

“Let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Trump bellows to the crowd of his supporters on Jan. 6.

“Kick some ass,” another speaker yells.

The trailer quickly shifts to clips of angry marchers breaking into the Capitol minutes later.

“Get the roaches out,” one MAGA extremist yells, referring to the perceived enemies of Trump. “All of them.”

No release date has been set for the three-part documentary that was bought by the Discovery+ channel.

British filmmaker Alex Holder has boasted of exclusive access to Trump and his children in the final days of the administration. The documentary was conceived as a puff piece to burnish the legacy of Trump and his family, but Jan. 6 changed that plan.

Holder has already handed over the footage and outtakes to the congressional committee investigating the attempted insurrection and testified to the panel.

The filmmaker insisted he had no intention of blindsiding Trump but frames the goal of the documentary in a way that is less-than-flattering to the former president.

“We simply wanted to better understand who the Trumps were and what motivated them to hold onto power so desperately,” Holder said.

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