April 24, 2024
Citi Can Help You Score Tickets to See Beyoncé

Citi Can Help You Score Tickets to See Beyoncé

In a few months, Beyoncé will be heading out on her first tour in more than six years – the Renaissance World Tour, 41 shows in Europe and North America – and Citi cardholders have the chance to score presale access to tickets.

As the official card of the North American tour, which runs from July through September, Citi will offer presale access, which comes in three separate waves in February, divided into groups of venues. Before entering what is essentially a lottery for the chance to buy tickets, you must complete the Verified Fan process. The first deadline to register for Verified Fan is at noon Feb. 3. Existing Citi cardholders can start the process through the Citi Entertainment platform. You must use a Citi credit card that displays the Visa or Mastercard logo or a Citibank debit card that displays the Mastercard logo.

Additional information about venues, dates and their corresponding waves can be found at Citi Entertainment.

If you don’t already have a Citi card, it’s not too late to apply. If approved, you can request instant access to temporary card information that will put you right alongside other Queen Bey fans.

Beyoncé has won 28 Grammy Awards throughout her career and has nine nominations for the 2023 ceremony, which will be held Feb. 5. She already ranks No. 1 for Grammys by a female artist and with four more would set the record for most by anyone.

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